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Abbington House is a newly established private addiction treatment centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. We provide for our clients the greatest attention to detail and care for their recovery journey. The founding principles are based on helping clients to recover from addictive disorders, and are based on our own lived and professional experience. The union of a team of highly experienced professionals and a renovated specialist facility saw us become CQC registered in May 2024 on first application, and we are proud to present our treatment services and staff here.

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Our Purpose

At Abbington House, above all else we believe in people. We know that with the right care, support and direction, anyone can recover from addiction. Our team is made up of people that have been working in the field of addiction treatment for many years. We’ve supported countless clients through the recovery process and helped them to achieve better lives.

We understand the challenges bought about by alcohol and substance misuse and the huge impact it has on friends and families. Most of Abbington House’s client facing staff are in recovery, so we understand. We believe that anyone can take action and make positive changes in their lives. We all deserve an opportunity to live with new purpose.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients to understand who they really and teach them to redirect and focus. We provide the tools to help everyone live life to its full potential, clean and sober.


Our Vision

Abbington House is an innovative, independent healthcare facility specialising in the treatment of addiction. Our team are a choosy bunch and none have come to this field lightly. The long-held vision of a team of professionals, Abbington House is much more than just a commercial venture. Handpicked, the team is bonded by the belief that if they are willing to work for it, every addict is deserving of the dignity of recovery, so the goal is to make that an affordable reality. 

Led by an experienced and expert clinical team, we are values driven and are deeply committed to providing the highest quality of patient care and patient outcome possible. We very specifically emphasise every patient’s wellbeing as our number one priority and ultimately everything that we do is in the service of this. We are a for profit commercial enterprise. However, our systems of governance, professional practice and unswerving commitment to the highest standards of personal integrity and accountability, make sure that we never sacrifice the wellbeing of our patients or of our staff for the sake of financial gain or personal prestige. 

We are wholeheartedly invested in diversity and inclusion. This honours the make-up of our leadership team and staff as a whole. It is a demonstration of our commitment to equality of opportunity to recover from addiction for all regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or religious belief or unbelief. We know a lot but we don’t assume we know everything. Abbington House is a place where we treat addiction but also where, through our programme of research and training we develop our expertise and share that knowledge with other likeminded professionals and partners.

Tranquil outdoor spaces, comfortable en-suite bedrooms, cosy communal areas, freshly prepared meals and a team of dedicated addiction specialists, providing around-the-clock care.